How Can I Help?

Let me count the ways

Whether you need help on the front-end or the back-end, I can help with any part of your production. Spend more time doing the things you love to do, while I do the things you have to do.

I am that experienced, veteran presence who has learned to live in the moment, to be a good teammate, to lead by example and to stay foolish as Steve Jobs reminded us.

I survived growing up in Germantown, swimming with sharks in Hollywood, crash landing on Jet Blue flight 292, and being a full-time father of two. I can survive anything you throw at me.

I enjoy working with typography and colors. Image processing is no problem. I can wrangle bootstrap and I’m familiar with different grids. I’ve stopped overusing JQuery animations. CSS doesn’t bug me as much anymore. I am comfortable using Git. I love the command line. I can set up a sandbox and start developing locally for any back-end you can throw at me. I can admin and provision servers and databases. Fixing things is in my DNA. Performance matters to me, along with standards and accessibility. I enjoy SEO and Google Analytics. I don’t mind being stuck and I know where to go to get fast answers.

You’re invited to have a look at some of my work and judge for yourself.

And yet…I could be so much better.

I’m still unsatisfied. The more I learn, the more I realize I need to keep improving. But I’m through with caving in to that insidious inner voice that says “that’s good enough.” I work quickly now instead of rushing, designing instead of tinkering.

I have gutted much of my codebase to remove the bad smell, which is why I am studying and coding in every spare moment, devouring data, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading newsletters, tweeting and retweeting, blogging and re-blogging, googling everything, cloning Github repos, inspecting random elements in Chrome and completing tutorials all over the Web.

The extra effort is all showing up in the quality of my recent work.

Hire me because I can help now and I’m committed to getting better.

Thanks for your time,


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