WordPress Theme Development

Recently I began diving deeper into WordPress, mapping out a workflow for developing themes from scratch.

For testing and rapid development, I set up Vagrant and VirtualBox, and cloned a repo for setting up a local sandbox.

Terminal loading Vagrant
Terminal loading Vagrant

For a kick-start I am using underscores.me as scaffolding. I love underscores.me for the same reason I love Bootstrap, JQuery and WordPress: power out-of-the-box.

Another nifty starting point combining Underscores and Bootstrap is the “ultra minimal” Themekraft.

More recently, Automattic released a set of opinionated starter themes called Components.

Once my theme has been reviewed, unit tested, and checked by the WordPress theme check plugin, I will release it as a free theme in the WP Free Themes Directory. If my free theme becomes reasonably popular, I will develop a premium theme and upload it to the WP Commercially Supported Themes Directory.

Additional Resources include:

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